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Our guests can’t believe that you can get ‘free’ tapa accompanying every cold drink in our neighbourhood! It’s a tradition here and something we LOVE!

Going to a bar for drink and tapa is the social thing to do here, and the excitement of what tapa is coming next is much talked about. You may hear the waiters telling the kitchen “first tapa” or “second or third” and the chef knows to make a different tapa.

A tapa is a small portion or taster of a meal, often cooked but sometimes cold, depending on the time of day. The origins are steeped in myth and explained by a number of anecdotes, some more credible than others. We’ve found an interesting article written by JOAQUÍN JESÚS SÁNCHEZ, in EL PAÍS it’s well worth the read.

Some of our local bars like Gastrobar La Almazara pride themselves on their new and traditional tapas while some of the other bars do the standard fare of BBQ meats, potatoes and bread.

Come and enjoy this unique tradition in a part of the world where you can get something for nothing!

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