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Jabalcon right ‘in the heart’ of the  UNESCO Granada Geopark. You can see the magnificent mount as the backdrop to our glamping site in many of our photos. Standing proud at a height of 1492 meters above sea level Mount Jabalcon can be seen for miles around, whilst the views from its peak are simply breathtaking. The contrasting landscape has it all; the flatland's of the plateau, the contrasting mountainscapes of the Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra de Baza, Sierra de Castril and as far as the Sierra Nevada. You also can’t help but be impressed by the awe inspiring Lake Negratin with its clear blue water, visible in its 18km entirety from this elevated position.

You can drive around the mountainside and up to the peak, taking the circular and summit routes which are signposted from our village, Zujar. The summit route leads to the Ermita de la Virgen de la Cabeza chapel, named after the patrona of the village.

Jabalcon is popular for hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. The mountain also has launch points for paragliding and hang gliding. It's a beautiful sight to see the descending flyers and some right overhead of Casa Bella Teepees.

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