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Visit the unspoilt town of Baza, where real life is in abundance, not merely a tourist town for visitors but rather a town rich in history and culture. Baza was founded by the Iberians in the 4th century BC and named Basti, the name by which it was known in Roman times. As part of the Roman province of Tarraco, it was important commercially for salt, silk and spices, which made Baza a rich area and became one of the three most important cities of the Granada Kingdom.

Baza's history is littered with sieges under Islamic rule (713 – 1489) and in 1489, during the Granada War, the city fell to Queen Isabella I of Castile, after a stubborn defence lasting seven months. On 10 August 1810, French forces under Marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult defeated a large Spanish force near the town.


One can enjoy many small experiences in a single day, including the Muslim Medina Alcazaba in the old quarter and the Arab Baths where you step back in time. You can look round at your leisure or take the highly recommended historic walking tour from 'One Foot in the Past' see our activities page.

Baza boasts a fantastic calendar of fiestas one of which The Cascamorras Festival held in September has been declared a "Festival of National Tourist Interest"! There are plenty of bars offering free tapa and great restaurants too. Look out for the unique cuisine of this area, where dishes such as Gurupina’ a wonderful local dish including fish (cod), potatoes, onions, wild mushrooms and flour in its many variants.

Baza is only 15 minutes from our wonderful glamping site.

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