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Zújar's Thermal Pools - An amazing natural wonder

Our village Zújar, in the Granada Province, is considered a "thermal town" for its sulphurous waters which were well known during the Roman times.


Right next to the turquoise Negratín reservoir is an exposed ancient hot spring that sends balmy hot water bubbling up to the surface of a pool 30m x 12m with a depth of 2m, at temperatures of around 40 °C!


These mineral-rich waters have gathered naturally into this thermal pool and have also been pumped up to the traditional bath above “Baños de Zújar.  Bathing in either of these pools provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits proven to increase hydro-static pressure, blood circulation and oxygenation, while eliminating toxins and most of all… provide some good old-fashioned relaxation.

It’s only a 5 minute car ride to both pools from our glamping site. They are right at the foot of Mount Jabalcón, next to the Negratín reservoir. Totally surrounded by nature, the scenery is full of colour, fauna and bird life. Our favorite time for a dip in the natural pool is dusk, when the sun’s setting as there is so much sky to admire! It’s an oasis both in winter and summer.


The natural thermal pool is completely free to visit and the Baños are only 2.50 euros per person. You pay for the Baños in the lovely restaurant with great views and a wraparound seating area, here you’ll find some great food, drinks and tapa.


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