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Try something new this summer - go glamping

Do you love the great outdoors, love the idea of camping, but need a little more luxury without pitching a tent and sharing campsite toilets?

Well, we may have the perfect solution – glamping in Teepees with your own private out door space and bathroom. We include all of the best bits of camping with touches of luxury thrown in. Nearly all our guests say that it’s a fabulous experience!

What is glamping?

Glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. It’s the perfect mix of outdoor living and hotel comfort (comfortable beds, hot water etc.). Glamping is likely to appeal to anyone looking for a little sanctuary in nature, without foregoing any of life's luxuries and a great alternative to city breaks and beach holidays.

Is glamping for you?

Whether it’s a short break or your main summer holiday, if you like unique accommodation, the great outdoors, nature, tranquillity, privacy and your OWN private facilities then glamping is for you!

Traditional camping can be therapeutic as long as the weather plays ball! Being surrounded by nature and unplugging has numerous wellbeing benefits. Glamping gives you the same tools to relax and let go of stress but provides everything you need for your break. Some glamping sites also offer yoga and massage services to fully immerse you in the natural vibe!

Campers and glampers can enjoy outdoor activities located near their sites. Traditional campers, however, often need to conduct research ahead of time and find the hikes, biking trails, and activities they wish to do while on their stay. Glamping sites will provide you with lists of nearby activities and help you plan your excursions.

What should you pack?

In Southern Spain (for example) during the summer months you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. So, when you pack your bags consider a sun hat and sun screen, bug spray and maybe some ear plugs. If you don’t like the light waking you early you may also want to consider a sleep mask.

Glamping does not require as many personal supplies as camping and appeals to those that don’t possess an extensive supply of gear. Most glamping sites provide all the facilities you need to cook, eat and drink, a fridge and BBQ, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle and condiments. All you need to do is pack your food and drink.

Don’t forget your electronic chargers and phones. Traditional campsites tend not to have good internet connection or phone reception. Some may view this as a perk, forcing guests to connect with nature. While glamping sites tend to have good Internet access giving you the ability to upload your awesome glamping photos to social media and check out the digital activity links provided by the site.

Glamping sites provide entertainment cupboards with good books, binoculars, torches, indoor and outdoor games as well.

Ask yourself…

Do I love the great outdoors, love the idea of camping, but need a little more luxury without pitching a tent and sharing campsite toilets?

If the answer is yes then – go glamping! You’ll have unique accommodation, private out door space your own bathroom and all of the best bits of camping, but with touches of luxury thrown in.

Glamping offers a truly magical, stress free experience.

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