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Try something new in 2022 – try luxury camping

Do you love the great outdoors, love the idea of camping, but need a little more luxury without pitching a tent and sharing campsite toilets?

Well, we may have the perfect solution – camping in Teepees with your own private out door space and bathroom. We include all of the best bits of camping with touches of luxury thrown in. Nearly all our guests say that it’s a fabulous experience!

What is luxury camping?

Luxury camping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. It’s a perfect mix of outdoor living and hotel comfort (comfortable beds, hot water etc.). Luxury camping is likely to appeal to anyone looking for a little sanctuary in nature, without foregoing any of life's luxuries and a great alternative to city breaks and beach holidays.

Is this style of accommodation for you?

Gino and I have experienced many glamping and camping breaks and have chosen to offer an experience that should appeal to anybody. Whether it’s a short break or your main summer holiday, if you like the idea of the great outdoors, nature, tranquillity, personal space and your OWN private facilities then our place is for you!

We offer a perfect solution for those planning a ‘staycation’, now more important than ever with restricted movement you can choose to have a break just a few miles from home.

What should you pack?

You need to remember where we are, Southern Spain and when you're visiting in the summer months you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. So, when you pack your bags consider a sun hat and sun screen, bug spray and maybe some ear plugs. If you don’t like the light waking you early you may also want to consider a sleep mask.

Don’t always assume that you are going to find a truly glamorous experience, even with our facilities, you might still find the odd bug here and there, there may be changes in the weather (occasional wind and rain), and strange noises outside your door (the wind on the canvas, animals, owls etc.). We're amongst olive groves and we share this beautiful location with our Olive farmer friends who regularly tend their olives.

We provide all the facilities you need to cook, eat and drink; small fridge, BBQ with burner ring, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle and condiments. If you’re catering here, then bring food and drink.

Try something new in 2022 and try luxury camping!

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