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Benefits of Rising with the sun...

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

There are certain times of day where magic makes itself known, and dawn is one of them. The crack of dawn feels like a new beginning, it’s magical wherever you are but especially here in our tranquil campsite, surrounded by nature, sleeping under canvas in our hand-crafted tipis.

Most of us rarely wake to see the new day dawn. If we do, it’s usually because we’ve been woken by an alarm that tells us that we need to be somewhere, mostly starting our day abruptly! Alarms often jolt us awake during REM sleep, the most important part of our sleep cycle, which supports memory and learning and strengthens our health and well being. Waking up naturally allows our bodies to guide us, beginning the day with ease.

Rising with the sun brings us closer to nature and gives us more hours in the day. Waking up to natural light improves sleep quality by encouraging the regulation of our circadian rhythm – that’s science! Sleeping under canvas allows the sunlight to find us as it rises, illuminating the natural structure and environment of the tipi. Nature’s not in a hurry and evolves slowly. The hours between dawn and sunrise are filled with delicate hues and the soft chorus of the first bird song of the day. With nowhere to be you can spend the first moments of the day immersed in the experience, taking in the sunlight, the natural mood booster, Vitamin D.

Break away from your usual routine. Free yourself from the rush of everyday life, staying at Casa Bella Teepees offers the opportunity to reconnect to your wild roots and by rising with the sun, you’ll enhance your mood.

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