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Decisions decisions - choosing your teepee

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Are you having difficulty choosing your teepee?

Well we have four individually furnished teepees, with comfortable beds, fresh linen, sofas and beautiful lighting. Each has its own outdoor area with barbecue, seating under a wooden pergola, sun loungers where you can simply sit back, sip a glass of wine whist watching the most amazing sunsets and starry nights. You have all the home comforts including your own private bathroom.

They all sound the same but there are some differences.

Many Mountains – is a 7 meter teepee with a king size bed, it has parking right next door and benefits from having the closest bathroom. It’s the most popular, the position and views are great, but it’s not the most private, you will have other guests walking past to the parking area and pool.

Many Stars – is a 6.4 meter teepee with a double bed, you need to park your car in the car park, but it’s only a 100 meter walk to your teepee and facilities. Its bathroom is right next door and it has a secluded small garden where other guests won’t require access through.

Many Lakes – is a 7 meter teepee with a king size bed. Parking is also in the car park 120 meters from your teepee. The teepee is on the lower level and accessed down a few steps. The bathroom is on the upper level only 30 meters away. This teepee has the biggest secluded garden with an enclosed seating area and views towards the lake.

Many Olives – is a 6.4 meter teepee with a double bed. Parking is right next door. It’s in a corner and has unspoiled views over our olives and beyond. The bathroom is on the next level and up a few steps. It has one of the best shaded areas with grape vines trailing through.

Quick Guide:

- Romantic couples who like their own secluded space – Many Lakes

- Those that may need the loo urgently during the night – Many Mountains or Many Stars

- Campers less mobile than others – Many Mountains

- You want to park your car next to your teepee – Many Mountains or Many Olives

- Quietest pitch – Many Lakes

Photo below:

Top left to right / Many Mountains and Many Olives

Bottom left to right / Many Stars and Many Lakes

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