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Cool Off - we’ve lakes, rivers, cascades, waterfalls and thermal springs!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

What’s attractive to our guests is that you can cool off in nature, in quiet locations with magical qualities. We’re surrounded by spectacular landscapes and countless natural water sources for freshwater dipping. It might be a short drive and walk to find the ideal bathing spot, but the reward is the natural high you get after!

Let’s start with the dazzling aquamarine Lake Negratin which you can see from our camping site! It’s certainly our favourite for a proper wild swim. Enjoy a swim across the lake in the cool water from the inland beach at Freila. In high summer, the beach is popular with locals; but take a drive around the huge lake to find more secluded spots. If its therapy you seek, there’s the thermal springs – Baños de Zújar, set slightly above the lakeside next to Los Baños restaurant, here you can enjoy the therapeutic waters and a great view.

The stunning gorge of Castril where fast flowing waters race between rock walls! Accessed

from a convenient car park, walk downstream and enjoy the walk along the wooden gangway, there’s a waterfall and small pools along the route to take a dip. Lake Portillo is situated in the Natural Park Sierra de Castril. This is ideal for a secluded wild swim, when the water is at its highest.

Not far from Pozo Alcon, rugged ranges full of interesting rivers come straight out of the rocks to form cascades, lakes and waterfalls, but beware, the water is shockingly cold! Here you’ll find the Enchanted fig forest & River, the most loved place by our guests! Here a lovely picnic area beneath the tall trees offers shade and respite by the side of the river. You’ll find a walkway over the streams and small cascades that go right through an enchanting fig forest. Perfect for a plunge, the river has crystal clear water. We’ve seen fish, otters, various waterfowl and dragonflies of all colours. Guazalamanco Waterfall, another favourite, walk upstream and take a dip in the many cold clear pools on the way to a magical waterfall with pools at the top and bottom. Just delightful!

Around this area you will also find Lake La Bolera a pretty, calm and tranquil lake ideal for a wild dip.

We provide our guests with google location pins to all these locations, with more information and places to drink and eat nearby.

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