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Hot Spring & Thermal Pool

Like many lakes and reservoirs across Spain, Negratin is around 40% of its maximum capacity and it is very noticeable at the end of the lake near our glamping site.

However, this end of the lake is now looking even more fabulous and lush than before. It’s full of new greenery bringing nature, colour and birdlife to immerse yourself in. It’s also exposed the ancient hot spring with its balmy hot water bubbling up to the surface, it’s an amazing natural wonder that you can encounter. These mineral-rich waters have gathered naturally into this pool and have been channelled up to the paid baths above, bathing in either of these provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits—and some good old-fashioned relaxation (who doesn't love a hot tub?)

If you don’t fancy having a dip here, they are still photogenic enough to get you loads of likes on Facebook…..

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