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Hosting a big birthday celebration - July 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Is there anything better than being with friends somewhere different and unique? That feeling of being in a special place with like minded people who all want the same thing…to enjoy each other’s company, talk, laugh and simply be together.

Casa Bella Teepees is the ideal location for sharing special moments, whether that be a birthday, anniversary or “any excuse will do” get together.

Recently we hosted a 60th birthday celebration for a group of 9 friends, coming from nearby in Spain and across the water in the UK. Admittedly the lovely birthday lady had already stayed with us a couple of times previously, so she pretty much knew what to expect and how our little site works for groups. However on this occasion they didn’t want to cook and asked if we could do full catering for them, breakfast lunch and dinner over a three day event.

Yes we said! We can do that.

To say this required military style planning or our part is an understatement, we are a solar powered off grid site with limited fridge and storage so careful consideration had to be employed to ensure we could shop, prep and deliver tasty food, on time and in an interesting way. A task we took to with gusto!

We can both cook and have many friends who will testify to our culinary abilities, so we designed a menu for each day which ensured a balance of healthy breakfasts, wholesome lunches and hearty dinners, in a variety of locations on our site.

The first morning 5 of the girls wanted massages. We set-up an area behind some of our bigger trees on the lower level, where we knew the shade was good for a few hours, while the girls luxuriated in the safe and knowledgeable hands of Josie Daniels and the lovely Christina. All girls refreshed and ready for action!

On the birthday girls’ big night a band was organised to entertain and as the numbers were small we reorganised our pool area and created an intimate venue for the musicians and guests…under a canopy of endless stars on a perfect Andalusian night. What a night of rock n roll covers, delivered by young talented Spanish musicians with limitless energy and a passion for their music. Much dancing ensued in all its glorious individuality!

We are remote enough not to anger any neighbours, but only 3km from the village when supplies run low. With 4 very large tipis we can accommodate up to 14 people and as with these guys we ended up with a girls and a boys tipi as well as 2 couples in their own. Lots of time was spent by the pool and bar areas during the day, which gives a lovely contrast to being by the tipis later in the evening to enjoy sunsets and ultimately the amazing starry nights.

The entire experience for our guests was a massive success, with all promising a return to “do it all again” in the future and many compliments for our cooking.

For us it was proper hard work, but equally the most rewarding hosting experience of 4 years so far. It helps when the guests are all happy people and these guys are simply lovely..

Talk to us about your special occasion…..we can offer you something that little bit different.

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