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Our Coronavirus Guarantee

We certainly don’t know when the coronavirus pandemic will be over and we all need something to look forward to. We would therefore like to outline our Coronavirus Guarantee to provide you, our guests, with reassurance whilst securing dates for your unique glamping break.  

You pay our usual 50% deposit when making your reservation and the remaining 50% is paid on your arrival. 


We offer flexible reservation rescheduling if required due to Coronavirus government guidelines so you can transfer your booking to a new date during 2021.


All other booking terms and conditions remain unchanged. 


You are covered in the event of: 

  1. Site closure due to the coronavirus outbreak  

  2. The Spanish government restrict travel due to the coronavirus outbreak 

  3.  You are unable to travel due to sickness and/or isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Your arrival and during your stay:

      In order to comply with government guidelines:   

  • Online registration prior to arrival  

  • Specific arrival times for guests to allow social distancing​ 

  • Masks to be worn on arrival and your temperature will be taken and recorded  

  • Planned access to the swimming pool, chill out area and the bar  

    ​​Our Responsibility to You: 

  • Deep clean and sanitizing of each teepee between guests, including all furniture, kitchen area and bed linen 

  • Supply of hand sanitizer, disinfectant and paper towels to guests during their stay 

  • Regular daily cleaning and disinfection of all outside furniture, swimming pool and chill-out area, and bathrooms 

  • Wearing face mask where appropriate 

  • Complying with our social distancing measures  

       Your Responsibility as a Guest: 

  • Maintaining a social distance from other guests and us 

  • Wearing face mask where appropriate 

  • Complying with our social distancing measures  

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of areas allocated to you during your stay  

        STAY SAFE!!

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