10 ways Casa Bella Teepees can benefit your health & well-being 

It’s true you know, being outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is good for you, your family and your health. If you’re looking for a holiday experience that’s good for your health and well-being then take your adventure to the great outdoors and come glamping. Here are some benefits that Casa Bella Teepees offer;

1 Natural beauty

The natural beauty that surrounds us, something new and exciting wherever you look. The view to the azure lake with its striking red banks , the backdrop of the mountain with colourful para gliders descending, the acres and acres of olive grove with dotted almond trees in varying shade of pink. The more observant you are the more you will notice the wonders of Mother Nature.

2 Fresh air

There’s so much fresh air here, in an area that is sparsely populated, filled with trees and plants and 700 meters above sea level you will benefit from the clean air. It’s been proven to invigorate your body as well as your mind.

3 Light exercise

We’re in the middle of a vast natural playground, so bring your family and have some fun. Cycle up to the mountain top or down to the lake. Kayaking, canoeing, swimming or simply stroll the paths.

4 Quality time

Without the distractions of modern life, whether you’re with your friends, partner or family this is the perfect place to spend quality time with one another. Enjoy your own private facilities to cook, drink have fun and games outdoors.

5 Stress release

It’s so peaceful and quite, the sounds around are those of nature. This beautiful environment will cleanse you of the stresses of daily life.

6 Mood booster

Whether it’s capturing our views, admiring our sunsets or stargazing, just being outdoors in nature is a sure way of boosting the natural mood enhancers in your body. Research has shown that it helps reduce the chances of depression and can boost the mental morale for up to two weeks after you return from your outdoor adventure.

7 Natural healing

The healing powers of the local hot springs have been used for thousands of years and have been reputed to have a number of therapeutic benefits; boost blood circulation, reduce stress and promote sleep, relieve pain and heal skin problems.

8 Vitamin D

Did you know that time spent outdoors during the day, come rain or shine your body will benefit from the powers of vitamin D.?  Lucky we’re located in Southern Spain and an area known to have over 300 days of sunshine a year so you’re bound to feel good here.   

9 Food

Part of the excitement of sleeping under canvas is cooking and eating outdoors. You’ll have a well-equipped BBQ area with everything you need to create healthy, locally sourced meals al fresco…..  

10 New Experiences

And finally, if you haven’t been glamping before, then this will be a whole new exciting and unforgettable experience.

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